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5 Tips for reduce Stress

In our daily life it can be Stressful sometimes and we then mostly forget to take a break and to relax and with that our stress level gets higher and higher and we tend to get ill because of that. So i thought that i show you guys what i do when i am to stressed and just need to relax and maybe this tips could help you too when you feel like you need to relax. Down below i write down my main things that i do and i don´t do them in this number combination it´s most times depends on how much time i have.

1. Take a Bath
This tip helps me all the time because i love to take a bath and just relaxing and enjoying the quietness.  After my bath, i feel so much better and one more tip tries to don´t use your phone when you take a bath because that can cause more stress and enjoy your bath.

2. Walk in the wood with a friend
I love to spend my time with my friends but even them give me really rarely a stress bonus and then i just try to walk in the woods and i take a friend who never stresses me o…

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