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Two books i currently read

I love to read all kind of genre in books and i mostly read books where the storylines interest me. So i thought it´s time to show you guys the two books i am currently reading. These two books are maybe already known and maybe did read it.

The first book is a summer in Ireland and i didn´t find any sign that it exists in English but i like the book and it´s the book i am currently reading. The main character is Caroline and about her life. One day her Boss gets an idea for Caroline to find out more about her family because apart from that they from Ireland she doesn't know anything about them because she lost her family a long time ago and so her boss gives a mission to find something in Ireland and to do a holiday at the same time. And lots of things happen during the book. Normally i don´t read this kind of genre but must say this book is great until the chapter i did read.

Margo was always a mystery to Quentin and she lived since years next to Quentin and when they were young…

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