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New beginning

Since a long time I was thinking about my blog and where I want to go with my blog. I realized  that I wasn't so happy with my previous posts  and even the pictures weren't that good. So I had to choose between making  a new start with my blog or quitting my blog. But I love to write and I even improved my photography skills and when I love something than I can't just quit just because it not what I wanted couple of years ago. This are couple of reasons why I want to make a new start with my blog.
Even the days when I normally post a blogpost will change because a lot of bloggers post things on this days when I did post something that's the reason why I wanted to change the days for my posts. I thought is the best when my beauty posts will be online on Tuesdays  and the lifestyle posts will be on Thursdays.One of the bigger changes in my blog  are the fashion posts because they will be up just once  in two weeks because that was one of the main reasons why I wasn't h…

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