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5 Things I am Grateful for (May)

There is more then 5 Things i am grateful in my life but i want to make this kind of blogpost more often and i dont know if i can find every month new things but we wil see. I want to show you guys want i am grateful in May.

1. Trust 

I am thankful that i have met so many good people recently and they showed me that its okay to trust people again and not to be suspicious against new people.

2. Friendship

In this month i learned who are my real friends and who just liked the idea that i am all the time there for them and didnt liked me for me.

3. Happiness

Since a couple of months i learned to be happier then i was before and have more motivation for everything i dream about.

4. Family

I love to spent time with my family and just enjoy the time with them. And in this moth i finally had a lot of time to spent time with my family.

5. Self confidence

Through my new motivation and happiness i gained more self confidence and i am very happy about that. The thing what i like about it is that i f…

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