Schön für mich box unboxing

Today i want to show you what was in my schön für mich box. It's a box from a Drugstore that is called Rossmann. This box comes every month and i got this box for the month May. I want to show you guys what ´s in this box and i will test them out and write again about the products and how i think about them.

The first thing what you can see down below is a little helper to create the perfect braids. I can do braids but not perfect and I am really excited to try it out.

The two brands you see down below are both natural cosmetics and since a long time i wanted to test out natural cosmetics and i think it will help my skin because my skin changed a little bit. 

I use all the time the Isana shower gels but never used this one but i already know that i will like it. The scents are always my favorites.

The last two things are again from the brand Isana but one is a deodorant and the scent is unbelievable and it's really great. I just love it. The another and last beauty product is a good smelling hand cream. 

And that´s all that was in the box. I hope you liked my Blog post.

Xoxo Mel

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