3 Celebrity Hairstyles inspiration for Summer

Summer is nearly here in Europe and I'm happy about it because that means my summer holidays are nearly here and i can´t wait for it.And that´s the reason why searched up a couple of hairstyles that i could wear in the summer times and i thought that i show you the ones i liked the most. When you want to see more hairstyles or summer tips then visit the Pinterest site because they are really good for inspirations things.

Two Side Braids in a Knot

I already do a similar hairstyle to this one but i still love this hairstyle because it´s easy to do this hairstyle and it looks very cool. 

Side Braid

This Hairstyle is really easy and is for the days when you kind of still want your hair down without that it get on your nerves then this hairstyle could be the perfect one for you. 

Top Knot

This simple one you can basically do the way you want but for example you could do a strain of a braid around the whole knot and then it´s look like you put  more effort to the hairstyle.

I hop you liked the three hairstyles . Have you a plan for this summer ? 

Xoxo Mel 

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