5 Tips for reduce Stress

In our daily life it can be Stressful sometimes and we then mostly forget to take a break and to relax and with that our stress level gets higher and higher and we tend to get ill because of that. So i thought that i show you guys what i do when i am to stressed and just need to relax and maybe this tips could help you too when you feel like you need to relax. Down below i write down my main things that i do and i don´t do them in this number combination it´s most times depends on how much time i have.

1. Take a Bath

This tip helps me all the time because i love to take a bath and just relaxing and enjoying the quietness.  After my bath, i feel so much better and one more tip tries to don´t use your phone when you take a bath because that can cause more stress and enjoy your bath.

2. Walk in the wood with a friend

I love to spend my time with my friends but even them give me really rarely a stress bonus and then i just try to walk in the woods and i take a friend who never stresses me or in this moment didn't stress me and we talk and go through the woods. When you do this tip please don't go in the evenings because it´s quite dangerous at this time.

3.Read a Good Book

When i feel so overwhelmed from the stress or even from social media than i turn off all my technology items and take a book i wanted to read or already read and enjoy the time.

4.Spending time with the Family

When i began with this tip i used my evenings to spend time with my family but now i take the whole weekend for my family because during the week it´s  sometimes hard to spend the time with the family. We love to spend time together and just being relaxing together.

5. Do something that makes you Happy

It doesn't matter if it´s something creative or just shopping alone or with friends or just taking care of yourself and just enjoying the time alone and just chilling.

I hope you liked the tips. Do you already do one of the tips? What do you do to relax or to avoid stress? 

xoxo Mel

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