Castor Oil Review

I use Castor oil since a couple of months or even longer and I like the feeling that it gives my hair and I love how my hair looks after a long time use of castor oil masks. My hair looks healthier and feels better.

The idea to use castor oil for my hair came from the youtube Channel Modamob because they did a hair mask with castor oil and used it even before for another thing and i liked how the hair from the video looked like and i knew i searched for something that will help my hair because i bleached my hair in the past and i had a massive hair loss because of that it made me really sad so i searched for something to make it again thicker and better like it was before i bleached it.

I use it once a week with another oil i don´t have a particular how i make it because i mix it with everything that i have at home what i know what my hair likes. Mostly it´s olive oil and i leave it overnight in my hair. A tip from me when you use it overnight put something over your head and or something over your pillow and even when castor oil is an oil be careful with it because when you use it too much it can be really dry your scalp and that´s not something that everyone wants. I even stop using it when i feel like my scalp gets drier and use it when my scalps it normal again. 

How i already said i like the way my hair looks and how it feels and i even have the feeling that it got thicker and to his normal self like it was before i bleached my hair and i am so happy because it´s getting normal again. I will use it till i found something better and then, of course, i will write about it too. 

Do you use Castor Oil? Did you ever hear of castor oil? 

When you still have questions for me then please write them down below. 

Xoxo Mel 

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