Gossip Girl Tv Series Review

I want to make more Lifestyle Reviews on my blog specially about tv shows and books but when you want me to write about something else then just let me know. This time i thought about writing about a Teenage series because i finished Gossip Girl recently and wanted to write about it.
 The series is mostly about this Teenagers who have rich Parents and really influential parents.

One of the main characters is Serena van der Woodsen, who is coming back after she ran away abruptly without even telling her back then Best friend. Another one of the main characters is Blair Waldorf who is the ex Best Friend of Serena and she isn´t really happy about it that Serena is back because she feels hurt because of Serena´s behavior.

The two male Teenagers who are also coming from the rich Family are Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass and them best Friends but from character wise, they are absolutely different. Chuck is the womanizer and he doesn't let someone come close to him apart from Nate. Nate is a really caring person and he is together with Blair and one of my favorite characters on this show.

The only male main Character is Dan Humphrey and the visits the same school as the rest of the main characters but he more the normal side when it comes to having money. All these characters interact with each other during the seasons and some very cool friendship happens. And all the lives of the Teenagers are on a website that is called Gossip Girl and the website just writes mostly very mean things about them.

I liked the show even i usually don´t like this kind of series and i think they rushed the ending too fast but apart from that, it´s really good.

Xoxo Mel

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