Montly Lifestyle Favorites - May

Here is the next part 2 from my monthly favorites but this time with my lifestyle favorites.
When you like Beauty things then you could read part 1. Without further do let´s begin with my lifestyle favorites.

The first thing i loved this month is my iPhone 6s. I got it for my birthday in January and love it so much. Before i got my iPhone i had a Samsung one but i didn't like it because i had all the time problems with it maybe it was just with my smartphone.

Another thing i liked in this month that i had a lot of time with my family because sometimes its hard to have time with the family on a daily routine.

Since i started my new start on my blog and with that a bought myself a new notebook because i like to make my blog this time really good.

I don't have so many lifestyle favorites in this month but you can see even more about this in one of my last lifestyle posts.

Xoxo Mel

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