My Monthly Beauty Favorites - May

In today´s beauty blog post i wanted to show you guys my favorites from May. This is the first part. The second part will be with my Lifestyle favorites from the Month May. Let´s begin with my favorites.


My first favorite product it´s the yourstar strobing kit. I use it every time when i wear a natural makeup look and they suit my natural and fake tan skin tone. Down below you see how they look like when i have fake tan on.

I found this Foundation when i needed a new Foundation but the one used before was nowhere to be found so tested all brands from the drugstore and liked this foundation the most and even when i am tanned now i brought a colour for my tan. Down below you see two colours because one is actually my sister and the choose the same as mine because when her foundation was empty the tested my foundation out and liked it like i did it when i used it for the first time. I like the way how it looks on my face and how flawless.

When you ever see me waering any lip product then it´s in the most times one of lipliners from the brand Essence because i like the way how they feel on my lips.

I love this Mascara from the brand Essence and it makes my long lashes more beautiful and love to use it every day.

Body, Hair, Hand Care

I love to use the Isana Body lostion because it´s moisture my body so good and my skin feels all the time after the use of this body lostion really soft and i like scent from this body lotion.

The Balea heat protecter smells so good and it gives my hair a good feeling when i brush through them with my hands. It´s make my hair softer and they even smell like the heat protecter.

In my last Beauty post i already told you guys that i like to have hand cream in every bag i use day to day and about this hand cream i will post a seperate post and i will tell everything there.

I like to use baby oil because its make my skin soft and smooth and i really like the smell of it.

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